HoverBars are twin handles that attach to the base of a hoverboard, allowing riders to “enhance their stance” and provide much greater stability and control of the hoverboard. Learn more.

By attaching to the base of the board, the bars and the wheels immediately provide stability. The rider can then control the hoverboard either using the traditional method of foot movements or by moving the bars, which is a much more natural movement for most people.

Anyone can use the HoverBars. The bars are height adjustable, so adults and children can easily use them.

HoverBars have been tested and work very well with the two main types of hoverboards that have been sold.

Each HoverBar carries a 30-day repair or replace guarantee for manufacturer defects.

We are confident that every hoverboard owner will find HoverBars not only an easy attachment to use but it will make the experience so much more enjoyable. We will accept return of the product within 30 days if the product has a manufacturer’s defect and is returned to us in its original packaging.

Our initial testing has involved family and friends, ages ranging from age 8 to 68, and they have all found the product to be easy to use and fun. We are in the process of obtaining safety certification from the appropriate testing laboratory.

Like most people, Dr. Rosenberg and Mr. Honeycutt like to have fun and like to see others have fun. They saw a very interesting product – hoverboards – being purchased by so many people and then going unused because folks were afraid of getting hurt. Once they saw the problem, the came upon the solution – so people can ride in fun, not in fear.

Those involved in HoverBars are certainly aware of those issues, but their desire is   to help those who already have a hoverboard thoroughly enjoy the product they have already purchased.

Even the most novice of hoverboard owners have found they can be riding comfortably in the matter of minutes.

No companies have been approached about endorsements, but once they see how it can improve their products that could occur.

HoverBars are constructed of aluminum die cast and extruded components from domestic foundries and mills. Those involved in the production have been involved in the making of the highest quality industrial safety products in the U.S.A. so they will stand up to normal use of a hoverboard.

The purchase price will be $229.

HoverBars will be produced in the United States by a company located in Georgetown, S.C.